MSc. Ed (ABA)
BCBA - eligible
QBA - eligible

BCBA and QBA certificants are mastery-level interventionists with advanced knowledge of applied behavior analysis (ABA) for individuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and related disabilities. 

A Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) is a person with a certification in applied behavior analysis. BCBAs receive this certification through the Behavior Analyst Certification Board. Applied behavioral analysis (ABA) uses scientific and systematic processes to help influence an individual's behavior.Master’s Level Requirements.


In order for a candidate to be eligible for our Master’s Level credential, they must meet the following requirements:

  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Possess a minimum of a Masters Degree or higher degree
  • Must have completed 270 Hours of approved coursework (ABA, Psychology, Special Education, or a related field) or 18 Semester Credit Units, including 8 hours of supervision coursework.
  • 1,250 hours of supervised fieldwork with a minimum of 750 hours in the role of a supervisor or program development. Duties include, but not limited to conducting FBA, reviewing data, training staff or parents, advocating at team meetings. Up to 500 hours can be done as 1:1 direct care provider, but direct care hours are not necessary in the 1,250 hour total fieldwork requirement.
  • Recommendation from one evaluator/supervisor/administrator of choice. Recommendation must include your qualifications and experience working with individuals diagnosed with Autism and related disabilities.
  • Criminal Background check conducted by the QABA Board through our 3rd party (SecureTrac) or evidence from an employer that there has been no change in status since the last background check was completed.
  • Successful passing of exam proctored by Examity
  • Agree to our Code of Ethics and Renewal requirements
  • Final review of all eligibility criteria by the QABA Board Committee Meeting before formal credentialing
  • Placement on Public Registry
  • Renewed every 2 years

Work Experience Requirement

1,250 Hours of Supervised Fieldwork. The supervisor verifying your fieldwork will be required to do so using the online verification system acknowledging their credentials and checking off each of the requirements of supervised fieldwork.

Candidates must be enrolled in the related coursework before the supervised coursework hours


Fieldwork hours that will not count as supervised hours include:

  • Participating in meetings that are not specific to the person centered planning process
  • Implementation of plans that are not based in evidenced based practice
  • Documentation other than data collection, progress notes, graphs, and other necessary paperwork related to the person centered planning process


One professional recommendation is required – one from your evaluator/supervisor/administrator of choice focusing on your qualifications and experience working with and supporting individuals diagnosed with autism.

Eligibility Agreement

You will be required to agree to the eligibility agreement which includes:


Prior to accessing the Examination, Coursework and training requirements, recommendation, fieldwork and supervision requirements will need to be completed, verified, and approved through the online process. Click Here to find out more information about how our exams work.

Allotted Time

Three (3) hours to complete.

If you require more time to take the exam due to a disability, please complete the EXAM ACCOMMODATIONS application.

Exam Description:

The examination consists of 115 questions. 100 questions are live and scored, while 15 of the questions (pretest questions) are not scored. The unscored questions will not be marked, so it is very important to answer all 115 questions to the best of your ability.

Unlike scored live exam questions, unscored pretest questions are newly created pilot questions that provide helpful information regarding difficulty level and overall question quality. Pretest questions are not used for scoring purposes. Instead, they are analyzed for psychometric performance and provide verification that newly developed questions are performing acceptably within defined parameters prior to be being implemented as live exam questions.


The Cost of our Master’s Level certification is $450, which does not include the cost of the retake fee should you fail the exam.


To maintain your certification, you are required to renew every 2 years and complete at least 32 CEUs. Click HERE to find out more information of the renewal process.